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Salchichon Iberico by Arturto Sanchez (0.9-1kg)

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Salchichon Iberico by Arturto Sanchez (0.9-1kg)

This delicious sausage is made with pork from special Ibérico pigs and aged for over two months. The resulting salchichón is packed with complex flavors. Serve thin slices on a warm plate and the antioxidant rich fat will literally start to melt!

Ibérico  salchichón is seasoned with black peppercorns and sea salt, but no smoked paprika like you would find in chorizo. This allows the full flavor of the pork to shine through. It is in the same family to a fine Italian salami. As each salchichón cures over several weeks, the flavors blend and the pork is transformed into an exceptional sausage.

Slice this sausage thinly and serve at room temperature with a glass of great Spanish wine. You can make a delicious bocadillo sandwich with a small loaf of rustic bread and thin salchichón slices.

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