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Deli Sliced Serrano Ham Gran Reserva (24 months, 150g approx)

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Deli Sliced Serrano Ham Gran Reserva (24 months, 150g approx)

Our friends at Jamones Granadinos bring you a very special ham from the medieval mountain town of Baza. Cured for at least two years, it has a delicious, full flavor and mild saltiness.

Jamón Serrano literally means 'mountain ham' in Spanish and, of all the hams available in the U.S., these are the most authentic from this standpoint. Each ham is hung to dry in the cool, clean mountain air where it ages for 18 to 24 months.

The result is beautifully cured jamón with a complex flavor and a mild saltiness. Mount this ham in a special holder and it will be a centerpiece of any gathering. Serve this quality Serrano to your guests and they will rave about each delicious slice.

The curing process of this Serrano is completely traditional. The hams are cured in drying rooms with open screened windows, caressed by mountain air as it wafts through the area where the hams are hung. They experience the changes of the seasons, losing about 40% of their weight as the pork transforms into a complex, delicious ham.

This Jamón Serrano comes from animals that were born in the region of Salamanca in western Spain. They were raised humanely and spent much of their lives outdoors on Spanish pasture land.

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