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Free Range Iberico Ham Gran Reserva by Arturo Sanchez (Bone-in)

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Free Range Iberico Ham Gran Reserva by Arturo Sanchez (Bone-in)

Not all Jamón Ibérico is created equal. This beautifully aged ham by Arturo Sanchez comes from pasture raised Ibérico pigs. It has hung in a curing cellar for over three years, aging to perfection with no nitrates – simply sea salt and time.

The result is a sublime cured ham, marbled with rich fat that bathes the ham in flavor. Each ruby slice melts in your mouth with a complex flavor unlike any other ham. Slicing from a whole bone-in ham is the best way to taste Spain’s signature jamón. Whether for a special family event or an impressive party, an Arturo Sanchez ham is the perfect centerpiece.

Four generations of family expertise goes into the curing of each jamón.

Unlike most Ibéricos in Spain, this jamón comes from only free-range pigs. The animals spend a life of leisure on the Dehesa rangelands of western Spain eating grass, grains and a few acorns. 

Allow your jamón to come to room temperature before slicing. A ham holder is necessary so that you can carve your Ibérico properly and safely. Please see the video on this page for slicing instructions.

(Approx 8kg)

(stand not included)

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